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The People Ops Solution

Fractional HR Agency Services

We're here for you

Our goal is to help your business succeed.

If you're feeling overwhelmed and bogged down by the never ending HR or Recruiting tasks, we're here for you.

To help your company grow, and to give your team more freedom and flexibility, we'll create lasting processes and frameworks that will scale along with you.

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Logo of Sunray Ops

Sunray Ops

At Sunray Ops, we combine 10+ years experience in People Ops to create a Fractional Team for any business, regardless of their size.

Our experts are here to integrate fully within your team - building great culture is out goal.

Logo of Sunray Tribe

Sunray tribe

Whether it's confusing or time-consuming, not every business has the bandwidth for Human Resources. And that's okay!


Our HRBP's and Generalists at Sunray Tribe will be your HR specialists.

Logo of Sunray Hire

Sunray hire

Looking to hire employees but don't have the time? Overwhelmed by the amount of candidates?

Our Recruiters at Sunray Hire will take care of it all for you.


Logo of a client: Spine
Logo of a client: SynergyWorks
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