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Fraud Ops - Fractional Fraud Prevention

​Every client is different and their needs are unique. It starts with a review.


  1. Identify undiscovered weaknesses by simulating fraud events; zero risk, fully controlled and documented.

  2. Correct identified weaknesses from the ground up.

  3. Monitor in real time for red flags and suspicious activity.

  4. Review ALL previous fraud events, for existing unaddressed weaknesses.

  5. Search for and investigate exposed company data; leaks and stolen data.



  • Every single customer-facing day is a new possibility for exposure. We plan for long term instead of only putting today's fires out.

  • Executives do not truly see things the way a motivated fraudster will, no more than a patient understands a virus; Analysts no more than a doctor does. Fraud, like a virus, evolves and mutates and prevention efforts try to catch up. We look for weaknesses the way scammers do and find them first.

  • Alot of fraud happens with assistance, knowingly or not, at the ground level in companies; The lowest paid employees, due to pressure, opportunity and rationalization. Pressure and rationalization cannot be fixed but we remove opportunity.

  1. We take fraud prevention **very** seriously and it's already serious enough. We **never** exaggerate.
  2. We are not in the business of being paid to do nothing. If there is nothing we can do, we don't charge.

  3. If we promise specific results and we don't deliver, we refund.

  4. Our services are primarily focused on finding, then fixing weaknesses to prevent losses. That is what we do.

  5. We take the confidentiality of clients, especially regarding potential fraud exposure, as priority number one.

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