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Running a HR department is expensive.

You have the head of HR, that's about $8000 a month in salary. Then a HR generalist or two, so that's another $4000-8000 a month. And it goes from there. We support our clients with the strength of a full HR team starting at $5000 per month.



Per Month

Sometimes you just need one fire put out.

Sometimes our clients don't need much. We're not in the business of charging for unnecessary time. We want you to have every chance of success and sometimes that means a few hours here and there as needed instead of on-call support. We charge between $90-150 an hour depending on the exact help you need.



Per Hour


Job posting and interviewing is a drag.

We know. You needed somebody yesterday and you've got 200 candidates to sort through and none of them are looking like a good fit yet. We understand. You've got revenue to focus on, you don't have time for 40 phone interviews this week. We handle recruitment at an 8-10% commission (of candidate's yearly salary) so you can focus on running your business.


*Candidate's yearly salary
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