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dedicated hiring

Need an extra hand to hire new employees?

We're more than just that.

Our Recruiters take the time to get to know your business and team to understand exactly what you're looking for in a new hire.


Together, we will craft the full recruitment campaign to find the perfect candidate to fill the role and fit into your company culture.

finding  your fit

Once we create the campaign outline, our recruiting specialist will create a custom job description that matches the market demand.


We work with numerous job boards, forums, and specialized sites to source ideal applicants. We then start our screening process through one-on-one Zoom interviews to find the best possible candidates.

Once we have a final round of candidates, we will present them to you to find the perfect match!


Together, we can proceed with negotiations and the onboarding process.

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here for you

Once we find the perfect candidate, we won't just disappear.

Your new employee will work with the same Recruiter to smoothly onboard them into your company.

The onboarding process includes background checks, I9 verifying, a transition into their first week, and team introductions all to ensure they have the best first month possible at your business.

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Get the full story behind Sunray Ops, and learn why we should work together.

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